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The Respect Campaign is proud to be a facilitator of The ShineWOMEN  program. ShineWOMEN focuses on the unconditional worth of each person. Worth is an internal factor, our worth and value is found from the inside. Once we believe this we begin to understand that external things should not determine or influence our worth. These external things can include position, title, occupation, socio-economic status, education, success, health or marital status and sexual identity.

Self worth asks: what do you think you are worth? It is how  an individual sees herself and what she believes is the truth about her. Life experiences, our failures and mistakes can impact our self worth. However, if we keep shining the ‘critical light’ on our flaws, the truth about who we truly are moves into the shadows.

Self-esteem is generally understood as holding a good opinion of one’s self. However, these thoughts about our self can fluctuate based on the positive or negative experiences we have. Self-esteem can produce short term emotional benefits where we do things only to boost our self-esteem of seek validation.

Worth is the core of every human being. It is the very essence and nature of who we are. Worth does not need to be earned. We already have it.

The ShineWOMEN program is designed to facilitate the beginning of a life long journey in discovering our personal worth and value.

Let’s reverse and value. Let’s restore and treasure. Let’s gather and dream the desires that we carry in our hearts about ourselves, about our world and about each other.

Key Program Outcomes

Women have achieved learning and motivational outcomes that form the foundation of the ultimate goal – A greater level of understanding about their own personal worth, strength and purpose. These include:

  • Developed holistic personal and life skills
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem levels
  • Enhanced social support networks
  • Greater understanding in relation to gifts and talents
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Greater awareness of community contribution and participation

ShineWOMEN takes a strengths based approach. The strengths based approach focuses on the individual rather than the circumstances or event. It inspires participants to grow and change by using their strengths as a personal resource. As we engage people through experiential and interactive activities, participants begin to discover their personal identity, strengths and qualities.

ShineWOMEN encourages participants to become the expert within their own life. They are the one who can tap into their potential and discover their personal identity and value. The facilitator is simply there to guide the process. Ultimately the process of discovering and understanding self comes from within the participants.

The strengths based approach includes:

  • Respect for another’s value, rights, capabilities, uniqueness
  • Sharing of knowledge, resources, skills, decision making
  • Collaboration with teams, consultation and inclusion
  • Social Justice; equity, access, equality and self-determination
  • Transparency; open information and communication

These enhance the foundation concepts of ShineWOMEN which as Worth, Strength and Purpose. The Program has been endorsed by the NSW Institute of Group Leaders. The Institute of Group Leaders represent specialists in the field of group leadership. Their endorsement signifies that the program has met their standards and criteria of quality group work practice. In 2015 the Shine Program achieved the Institute of Group Leaders GOLD Endorsed Program

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