POSTED BY Editor | Feb, 28, 2017 |

There is a very strong argument that we need to establish respect as the all-important ‘foundational fundamental’ upon which the other fundamentals are built.

Every time we confront conflict, clarify goals and tasks, provide meaningful feedback and ‘expect excellence’ we are also sending unintentional, subtle, subliminal messages about our respect level.

Respect is a core foundational fundamental for these reasons:

1: People naturally want to do their best for those they feel respected by.  There’s nothing complicated about it: Employees respond well to being treated well.  It puts them in a favorable productive mindset.

2: People resent not being respected, and a resentful attitude is never conducive to productivity. Employees are highly attuned, to subtle, subliminal messages about our respect level.

When that level indicates something less than genuine appreciation and regard for an individual, that’s an unmistakable message.  With significant negative implications for one’s attitude to the task at hand.