POSTED BY Editor | Feb, 28, 2017 |

Do you want to LIVE in communities where we (and our families) are treated in a respectful manner from the businesses we patronize to our daily interactions with others?

Like everyone I am disillusioned with how the word respect seems to have disappeared from our lives. Only last evening I had an interaction with someone who basically didn’t want to know about my concerns. It was disrespectful and lacked basic human decency, particularly given the subject matter. He was a very senior executive. I cringed with alarm.

It reminded me yet again, that the little things in life really do matter, like saying please and thankyou, waiting for others, all those wonderful values that we try to teach our children.

But if we do not model them ourselves at work and indeed at home, then we are sending very negatives messages to those entering the workforce who in turn will model our own behaviours.

At the moment there is a lot of ‘talk’ about workplace bullying but in my view not a lot of discussion about the negative impact bad behaviour, sadly sometimes even criminally bad behaviour to be blunt, can have on those who have been bullied and in many cases those who are bystanders and simply too frightened to speak up. Bullying is now a workplace epidemic, tolerated too often my leadership for fear of reprisal. The reality is bullying can kill, so why do we continue to turn a blind eye? What are we missing here?

The Respect Campaign is a grassroots community of like minded individuals who aim to remind us all that we can change the culture of bullying that exists at some workplaces by simply making people nicer. Sure you will never change the ‘snake in a suit’, but for the majority of us it is about reminding us of respectful interactions. It also aims to set a uniform standard for our own conduct, reminding us all that diversity is positive, that shared opinions matter and that safety at work free from psychological harm is the right of every individual.

Initially focusing on the workplace, The Respect Campaign, is a better work model, which has broader applications for the whole of the community. We recognize, that by embedding positive and respectful interactions in the workplace, a uniform code of civility is established, working towards empowering the whole community to adopt and model the various initiatives. It is all about strengthening the foundations of a prevention culture. We’d love to hear your feedback about how Respect could improve your daily interactions and productivity at work.