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We are pleased to announce that Scarlett Vespa will speak at the forthcoming online Brand You Summit for C Level Executives. The Summit is part of a three pronged effort by The Respect Campaign to further the discussion on respectful discourse in workplaces around the globe. Other Summits include The Respect Summit on Workplace Culture and the ground breaking Cyber Health and Safety Summit that occurred just before the #metoo movement swept the globe and shone a light on the urgent need to focus on conduct and respect in workplaces. Scarlett is a brand expert. She works with individuals, entrepreneurs and delivers personal brand workshops to employees in organisations. Scarlett’s brand process enables people to find their true passion, whether it be about choosing a new career or finding it within their current place of work. That new insight and understanding brings a positive shift in their wellbeing and social community.

Mrs V also shares quality content and amazing experts on her platform Mrs V Society, a membership for like-minded women and men who want to connect with others and find quality information. In 2017 the highly successful Mrs V Shift, an Event for Women 40+ was held at The Langham Sydney. It is a day of information, education and inspiration with over 30 speakers and influencers, set to be held in 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne. This event will also be held inside various organisations to bring inclusivity and diversity into their workplace for men and women of all ages.

 Scarlett has worked with iconic brands such as Disney, David Jones, Amex, Sanitarium, Toyota, Westpac, Westfield, just to name a few and was Head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank. Working for CBA, Scarlett oversaw all Internal and External communications including directing and producing most of the work. She has also acted as Executive Producer for many production companies of her own over the last 25 years and her journey has taken her travelling in many parts of the world.

Scarlett is a Facilitator, Broadcast Commentator, Keynote Speaker on radio, television, events and workshops. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on branding, what it means to move from the digital age to the age of ‘brand intelligence’, overcoming obstacles and embracing change. She believes as individuals, we now have the power to make a difference.

We are thrilled to welcome Scarlett as a speaker to The Brand You Summit For C Level Executives.

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