POSTED BY Editor | Apr, 22, 2017 |

The forthcoming 1st Virtual Global Summit On Technology Enabled Abuse seeks to further the discussion on what can be done to protect victims and keep employees safe in an era when technology penetrates almost every area of lives now.

A 2015 study, The Abuse Of Technology in Domestic Violence found that technology was used to isolate, punish and humiliate victims of domestic violence, with experts warning that technology facilitated stalking needs to be treated on a par with physical violence.

Technology effectively enables bullying and domestic violence to occur any way and penetrate the victims workplace, home and of course psychological health.

The duty placed on employers by work health and safety legislation to provide a healthy and safe working environment and safe systems of work imposes the responsibility on employers to ensure not only the physical health of their workers, but also their mental health. This includes ensuring that employees are not exposed to workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination.

While traditional bully victims at least benefited from some sort of reprieve once safely within the confines of home, the cyberbully has constant and instant access to his or her victim and in many cases is capable of retaining his or her anonymity. It is this anonymous, 24/7, intrusive aspect that sets the two forms of bullying apart.

Whilst cyberbullying may be most prevalent amongst the school and university age group, cyberbullying may also occur in the workplace or even in everyday social situations. Call for speakers now open.