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Time Person of the Year 2017

Kudos must go to Time Magazine for selecting as the 2017 Person of the Year the ‘Silence Breakers’, the women with the courage to come out and state publicly sexual harassment and assault charges against powerful men in business, the media, politics and entertainment worlds. Together they unleashed a movement out of what could have been just a moment of accusations. Together they helped redefine what is acceptable behaviour between men and women.

There have been centuries of struggle for women to gain the most basic equal rights, such as equal pay for equal work, the right to vote or to attend university, or to become a doctor or plumber.

Women can now own property, rather than be property. Unfortunately, complete gender equality has not yet been achieved in any nation, and existing inequalities are very persistent. We are trying to change a social order that has been unchanged for centuries, but which actively discriminates against women.

It is academically validated that when more effort is put into treating women and men equally, rates of violence against women in that community are lower.

#Metoo is giving voice to millions of women globally and indeed has attracted many male supporters too. Stamping out abuse against women is now firmly on every corporations agenda.

The ‘Silence Breakers’ brave efforts have caused a tsunami of support demanding a change not just in behaviour, but also from policies from Government to corporations that can help to prevent recurrence of sexual exploitation in work related settings. #Metoo continues to grow globally. Bravo to them, bravo to Time.

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