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She is known as a fearless and multi award-winning social justice journalist. In the course of her 15-year media career Ginger Gorman has watched bodies burn at the crematorium, been strapped to a bondage wheel and recorded her own cancer treatment. She’s interviewed everyone from eminent scientists to hardened criminals and vicious Internet trolls.


Ginger has an innate ability to connect and communicate with some of the most interesting and marginalised people in our community. She works hard to translate those untold stories into powerful and insightful journalism.


As a result of a story she published back in 2010, Ginger and her family became the subject of an international online hate campaign.


Once the stream of cyberhate – and the fear – died down, she decided to find and interview serious Internet trolls. What Ginger discovered was shocking beyond belief. This strange journey into the underbelly of the Internet has made her in-demand as an expert on the topic. Not only has Ginger written extensively about trolling and social media self-defense, last year she presented a TEDx talk. More recently she featured in Tara Moss’ “Cyberhate” series on the ABC.


Her recent special report into workplace bullying ‘Devils You Know’ highlighted the trail of destruction workplace bullies can have on their organisations and, the impact their behaviour can have for their victims far into the future.  She highlights the impact ‘gaslighting‘ can have on others.


Gaslighting is a pattern of manipulation tactics used by abusers, narcissists, dictators, and cult leaders to gain control over a person or people. The goal is to make the victim or victims question their own reality and depend on the gaslighter.



Ginger Gorman regularly writes stories, makes radio and TV for media outlets such as:, Fairfax online, The Guardian, The Big Smoke, mamamia and the ABC.


You can follow Ginger on Twitter @GingerGorman or find more of her stories here.




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