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Ground breaking research will be presented by Dr. Emma Jane when she speaks at the 1st Virtual Global Summit On Technology Enabled Ause – Be Part Of The Solution.
Her presentation: “Misogyny online as workplace harassment and economic vandalism” ? will examine how women who have been the victims of cyberhate often also suffer economically and professionally. According to Dr. Jane, “They can be sacked from their employment, trolled relentlessly and may suffer serious psychological injury.”
“Digital cyberhate needs to be understood as a new form of workplace harassment and it needs to be addressed quickly. Policies need to be reviewed and serious discussions need to take place about this gender abuse and economic vandalism. This has implications for lawmakers, workplaces and the community.”
About Dr. Emma. A. Jane
Dr Emma A. Jane (formerly Emma Tom) is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
Misogyny online is the focus of her ongoing research into the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies. In 2016, Emma received the Anne Dunn Scholar Award for excellence in research about communication and journalism.
This followed her receipt, in 2014, of a three-year government grant to study gendered cyberhate and digital citizenship. Prior to her career in academia, Emma spent nearly 25 years working in the print, broadcast, and electronic media during which time she won multiple awards for her writing and investigative reporting. Her ninth book – Misogyny Online: A Short (and Brutish) History – was published by Sage in October, 2016.
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