The Cyber Health and Safety Summit 2018 will focus on the theme: We are all Netizens. Our theme challenges the notion cyber harassment is “only” online, depicting the repercussions on targets’ lives: lost jobs, thwarted educations, damaged reputations, offline harassment and stalking, and countless hours devoted to containing attacks against a backdrop of mounting legal fees and psychological distress. The Summit will focus on:

1: Prevention

2: Intervention

3: Recovery

4: Policy and Activism

5. Education and Training

The internet as the “wild west”—where abuse is the price of admission—is quickly changing. A movement is beginning and we are all active participants. As the web emerges as the most important public space in our communities, and equal access a civil right, a new generation of lawyers, advocates, technologists, policymakers and others are challenging the status quo. Join us. You can register your interest as a speaker now.

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