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The Respect Campaign will host Brand YOU For The C Executive Summit on March 15, 2018. The Brand YOU Online Summit adds to our suite of Summits holistically designed to embed respectful behaviours in workplaces with a particular focus on digital technology. Our mission is to help people take back control of their own lives online.The Brand YOU For The C Executive Summit adds the personal dimension, knowing that the first thing someone does when they meet you is to google your name. Other Summits in the suite are The Respect Summit addressing Workplace Culture and the Cyber Health and Safety Summit addressing Online Behaviours.


The perfect storm of extreme competition for jobs and the explosion of social media has propelled personal branding from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘got to do.’

For professionals, a strong personal brand is the key to influence, opportunities and advancement. For recent graduates, personal brands can be the difference between getting a job and ending up in the circular file. For entrepreneurs, a personal brand that inspires confidence can be the edge that propels investors to fund you.

Yet many people haven’t a clue as to what personal branding is or what to do to achieve a brand. Many think that personal branding is merely cosmetic. There’s a saying that goes, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.’ This is true for personal branding. You can put on a new suit, but if you lack substance or content, people will see the makeover for what it is – shallow and lacking real proof of change.

Taking control of your personal brand online is an investment any C Executive can’t afford to miss. Personal branding is the latest offering in the digital age that provides users with the control to narrate their professional purpose, goals, expertise, skillset and positioning online. It allows you the control of what content is presented about YOU when people are searching for candidates and experts in industries for interview and media opportunities. It gives voice to the outside world about who you are, what you have and want to achieve and allows you to control the FACTS about your brand, YOU.

What happens when it all goes horribly wrong? Do you have unfavourable reviews online? We’ll show you how to clean up your online digital footprint and what you must know about search engines.

Details of speakers to be announced soon.


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