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About us

Who We Are

The  Respect Campaign is founded by a group of changemakers who felt compelled with the recent wave of protests around the world to take action. How is that civil behaviour towards others appears to be being eroded?

What was the solution? For Belinda Kheir and Kathie Melocco it is all about Respect. Both mothers, and calling on their collective life experience, Belinda in Humanology, Employer Branding and Digital Transformation and Kathie in PR and Marketing brought together the organisations they volunteer with to build the campaign. This is a pro bono project and everyone volunteers their time when they are able to do so.

It is also an online self help group who work to overcome the devastating impact of cyber abuse on people’s lives by privately reaching out to others who are impacted and may simply just need a caring friend to talk with. Being nice to others is all about caring.

The Campaign is a grassroots movement building program and aims to partner with organisations who celebrate cultural diversity, whilst working towards a uniform code of respectful conduct towards all beings. At work. At home. At play.

How We Work

The Respect Campaign is simple to use. Follow the 3 steps below.

Campaign ToolKit

Campaign ToolKit

Most organizations begin their Respect Campaign Journey with a Respect Toolkit, which provides everything you need to launch you own internal Campaign.

The Respect Toolkit can be supplemented with The Respect Campaign Workshops for leaders, managers, and staff focused on 7 Pillars. The Respect Campaign Initiatives are available online to support your ongoing efforts and reinforce the concepts of dignity and respect.

You can purchase items for your launch event, employee and community programs, or department activities in the Respect Campaign Store. Note: This will be available shortly.

Workshops & Keynotes

Workshops & Keynotes

The Respect Campaign message is designed to help us have respectful interactions with others.

Our objectives are to help:

  • Understand how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how our filters guide our behavior toward others.
  • Respond to others in a culturally appropriate manner and work through differences together.
  • Understand how our interactions with and perceptions of others influence our decisions in the workplace.
  • Understand our role in making organizations better places for ALL to work—with all of our differences.

The Respect Journey

The Respect Journey

(12 Month Webinar Series) The Respect Campaign webinar series provides key foundation concepts and is designed to help us provide respectful interactions with others. Session include key leaders provide comments on how respect aligns with your existing internal strategies.

The objectives for the programs are to help us:

  • Understand how we see ourselves and how our filters guide our behavior toward others.
  • Respond to others in a culturally appropriate manner and work through differences together.
  • Build trust between leaders, managers, peers, customers, and the community you serve.
  • Understand our role in making organizations better places for ALL to work.

meet our team

We are changemakers passionate about healthy, happy and respectful workplaces. Work is such an important part of our lives, do your bit and talk to us about how to embed The Respect Campaign in your workplace.

Kathie Melocco


Kathie Melocco is a multi award winning PR & Digital Marketing practitioner. She has lead major change and advocacy campaigns across Breast Health, Child Protection and Gender Equality. Kathie believes healthy, happy, safe workplaces are a right not an exception and we must all play our part. She says the workplace is now blurred and the Internet is a vital part of that work space. Cyberhate destroys careers, livelihoods and an individual’s health. It is an occupational health and safety issue and must be addressed and it is whole of society problem requiring input from lawmakers, the police, government agencies, community, mums and dads. We cannot do this alone. Kathie is the winner of the United Nations Award for Communicating Priority Issues.

Belinda Kheir


Belinda Kheir has over 18 years of experience in Human Resources, Management and Consultancy working with some of the world’s leading brands, startups and NFP’s. She says, “Respect is a core foundation of all human interactions and, with society operating in such a fast manner these days, basic, respectful interactions are too often forgotten’. People need to be reminded of this. Belinda is driven to put the ‘R’ back into the lives of employs and employers alike, globally.

What's in it for you?

Do you want to WORK in organizations committed to treating employees, customers, and the communities they serve with respect—regardless of position, level, or title?

Do you want our children to LEARN, attend schools, and participate in youth programs where they are treated with respect—free from the threat of bullying, stereotyping, or violence?

Do you want to PLAY sports and do you want our children to play sports where respect for others are foundational building blocks both on and off the field?

Then Join Us. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

  • WORK
  • PLAY

How are we funded?

We Are a Social Enterprise.  Not a Charity.

Charities certainly play an important role in society, however, they rely heavily on donations and government funding to carry out their work.  Corporate businesses on the other hand, who turnover millions every year, often lack the commitment to demand a social return on investment.

Imagine if you could combine the social footprint of a charity with the commercial principals that underpin good business?  What would you end up with?

It’s called Social Enterprise.  And this is what we’re building!  Our profits from Virtual Summits, Workshops and more will be invested back into social causes. Visit our first pledge – to the people of Bangladesh, where we’re helping workers stay safe at work.

Our Partners